Hardware Design

Hardware / Board Design and Development

Whether you are looking for outsourcing the design and development of a high speed, high density multi-layer boards using high speed Microprocessors / DSPs / FPGAs or a low cost two layer, moderate speed micro-controller based board, Starcom is your right partner. Starcom has done both, cost effectively.

Starcom has experience and knowledge to design boards to meets various industry form factors, comply with various industry busses, and interface using various standard peripheral interconnects, various communication standards.

Starcom has put in place time tested design processes and systems to offer its customers complex board designs in the shortest possible time to enable them to take the product to the market faster. Board design services offered include

Architecture design EMI/EMC analysis
Component selection Thermal Analysis
Schematic capture Prototyping
Board Layout Board Bring-up, testing and design validation
Design for Manufacture (DFM) / Design for Test (DFT) Pilot production
Signal integrity Manufacturing support

We can offer you services in the following areas

Single Board Computers (SBC), Industrial Motherboard designs
Add-on cards based on PCI, ISA, PC104, PCI104, PCMCIA busses.
Peripheral adapters for IDE, SATA, SCSI, Compact Flash
Micro-controller based boards for standalone / handheld systems and standalone / network enabled Industrial controllers
DSP based controllers for various processing / control applications
Ruggedised systems for military applications
Silicon validation and reference boards
Custom built test jigs

Embedded Software development capabilities and competencies

Area Capability
PCB Design
  • upto 12 layers
  • board density with multiple BGA packages of size upto 1152 pins and other packages
  • PCB Size upto 20in X 12in
  • Milgrade boards with thermal dissipation layer
  • Intel Pentium centrino mobile processors and chipsets ( 855 / 965)
  • Experienced with routing constraints associated with high speed Front Side Bus
  • PowerQUICC family of processors MPC860
  • PowerPC processors and chipsets (MPC107)
  • 8051 family
  • ARM7 family
  • PIC family
  • ATMega family
  • Motorola HC8 / HC12 family
  • Hitachi family
  • TI DSPs
  • Xilinx,
  • Altera,
  • Cypress,
  • LatticeVHDL/Verilog
  • Densities upto 1 million gates
  • SDRAM, DDR/DDRII designs
  • Familiar with routing constraints associated ¬†with these memories
Interconnect busses
  • ISA, PCI, PC104, PCMCIA,
Communication interface:
  • UART ( RS232/RS485/RS422), SPI, I2C, CAN, USB, GPIB, Modem, IRDA, Ethernet, Bluetooth, Zigbee
Peripheral interconnect:
Analog designs
  • Analog circuit designs for signal conditioning
  • ADC & DAC interface
  • Filter design
  • Power supply design - SMPS, Linear, DC-DC Switchers, Battery charging and monitoring
  • Mixed signal designs handling both high speed digital & Analog circuits and interfaces