Embedded Software

Whether you are looking for outsourcing the design and development of a simple firmware for a small micro-controller based system or developing a complex, large real-time multitasking embedded software for a high-end system with multiple processors / micro-controllers, peripherals and communication interfaces on the board, Starcom is your right partner. Starcom has done both, cost effectively.

Starcom has experience and knowledge to develop embedded software for various target platforms and applications. With its vast experience Starcom can develop the software to exploit various features provided by the target platform to achieve the required functionality and best performance. In cases where target hardware does not provide required support to achieve a specific functionality, Starcom can implement the same in software thus providing an optimum solution.

Starcom has put in place time tested design processes and systems to offer its customers optimum solutions in the shortest possible time to enable them to take the product to the market faster. Embedded software design services offered include

Functional / technical requirement capturing / definition
Architecture Design
Partitioning of functionality: Hardware / Software
Coding – in assembly language, C and C++
Testing on emulators and target platforms
Maintenance support – bug fixing, feature enhancements

We can offer you services in the following areas

Board bring-up – monitor programs, boot loaders
Power-on initialization routines, POST
Target board peripheral drivers
Real time embedded application software in assembly / C / C++
Real time embedded controller application
Digital PID / Servo loops
Machine automation
Firmware re-engineering for performance improvement, feature enhancement
High level language conversion for easy portability (Assembly language to C)
Digital Image Processing

Embedded Software development capabilities and competencies

Area Capability
Board bring-up, board initialization, POST, Debug monitor, boot loader
  • PowerQUICC family of processors MPC860
  • PowerPC processors and chipsets (MPC107)
  • 8051 family
  • ARM7 family
  • PIC family
  • ATMega family
  • Motorola HC8 / HC12 family
  • Hitachi family
  • POST, Prototype debug / validation, Production Diagnostics
  • Northbridge (MPC107), Southbridge, Super I/O
  • PCI target & host bridge (PLX)
  • SCSI, RAID, IDE, SATA, Compact Flash, EEPROM, NAND & NOR Flash, SD card, MMC & HDQ, SMART Card
  • LCD, LED & Graphics Controller (VGA)
  • CD-ROM, DAC, GPIO, Joystick, Keyboard (USB/PS2), Keypad, Mouse (USB/PS2), Touch Screen
  • Octal / Quad UART (RS232/RS485/RS422), SPI, I2C, CAN, USB, GPIB, Modem, IRDA, Ethernet, Bluetooth, Zigbee, Serial / parallel interface
  • ADCs/DACs, stepper motor controllers, thermal printers, GPS devices, GSM modems, Pneumatic controllers, RFID based smart cards, colour scanners, bar-code readers
  • DMA, Interrupt controllers, Timers, Power Management
BIOS Development
  • BIOS development for Proprietary RISC processor based on MPC107 chip set
Chip support tool development
  • Development of Assembler, linker, loader and cycle accurate Simulator for Application Specific DSP core, Optical DSP to facilitate their deployment in products
Real time Executive
  • Primitive real time executives, memory management and File system management routines for various micro-controllers
Firmware Re-engineering
  • Re-engineering of firmware for performance enhancement, conversion to high level language ( assembly to C ) for easy portability etc
Embedded application software