PreSys™ for NISA

PreSys™ Environment for NISA Users

PreSys™ for NISA

The user-friendly PreSys™ environment, developed by sister company Engineering Technology Associates, Inc. (ETA), is now available to NISA users world-wide.

This offering will allow NISA users to take advantage of PreSys’s streamlined user interface, CAD interoperability and advanced graphics capabilities; thereby improving the overall NISA user experience.

Finite Element Modeling and Analysis Software

An integrated Pre/Post-Processor with a strong heritage, PreSys is a computer aided engineering (CAE) modeling software that will allow you to create even complex finite element models easily. It is a full-featured, core mechanical engineering software solution that can be used on its own or with a variety of available add-on applications.

It also offers a scripting interface to automate processes and interact with 3rd party solutions, as well as a model explorer feature to provide in-depth data navigation

PreSys™ for NISA

Refreshed User Interface, Increased Graphics Speed

When the user opens PreSys for the first time, they will immediately notice the refreshed user interface, with drop-down menus and toolbars.  They also quickly notice the graphics speed and added graphics capabilities of PreSys.  The user interface also allows user to quickly find the tools they need, has fewer levels of menus and is easier to learn.

Fewer Steps & Streamlined Functions

Developers focused not only on packaging the existing tools into the new user interface, but took the opportunity to streamline as many functions as possible. This means that fewer operation steps will be required, and that the users will have a minimum amount of data to enter.  The result is a faster path to your FE analysis.

Model Explorer

A significant change in the software is the addition of the Model Explorer. This essentially adds another dimension to the information available to the user at all times. The Model Explorer allows the user to manipulate all of the entities in the model, and also allows users to access non-graphical data through a Keyword tree. The Keyword tree allows access to editable card images for virtually any entity in the model.

Multiple Models and Integrated Pre & Post

As the needs of the CAE engineer expand, the software tools must expand along with them. Inventium’s products allow users to open and operate on multiple models, as well as opening finite element analysis (fea) simulation results files along with finite element data. This feature provides a unique way for users to get the most out of their software and increase productivity.

Open Architecture / Scripting Access

The Inventium architecture allows the user to capture the process, replay and modify it. This process capture is based on a fundamental capability of the software to execute any function through a scripting interface.

To be truly open and accessible for outside software tools and configurable for processes, each function within the software must be accessible through scripting access. Passing variables or data between software products provides the foundation for parametric design optimization, where the FE modelling software reacts to the results or direction dictated from external software, and automatically updates the model. In this case the design may be ‘driven’ by outside software.

This type of capability, combined with powerful, robust and accurate modelling functions promises to change the way that engineers develop products, and will unlock the potential of optimization software for the use in everyday problems.