Measurement and Instrumentation Lab

From temperature to dynamic signal measurements, National instrument offers a complete family of data acquisition(DAQ) devices for desktop, portable and networked application. Ranging from low cost USB device to High precision PCI instruments, this products are paried with an intuitive graphical programming language of LabVIEW provide flexibility and power while maintaining affordability and ease of use for professors and students

NI - Measurement and Instrumentation Lab

Circuit Design and Simulation Lab

National Instruments tool help students to gain experience in designing, prototyping, and testing circuits. LabVIEW is tighty integrated with the industry standard SPICE environment, NI Multisim and Virtual 3D prototying environment for NI ELVIS (NI Educational Laboratory Virtual Instrument suite), students can complete their pre-lab assignments, design their circuits using Multisim and NI ELVIS, compare the stimulation and test the result in LabVIEW and prototype the circuit using National Instrument Ultiboard.

NI - Circuit Design and Simulation Lab

Control Design, Simulation and Mechatronics Lab

National Instruments offers variety of LabVIEW add-ons to teach control and design and mechatronics concepts including controller design and dynamicsystem stimulation, system identificaton, and real-time implementation. With the strong integration between NI hardware and software products, professors and students can transfer their theory to real-world examples in a hand-on, interactive manner. Additionally, an NI real-time control can interface to custom and third-party control experiment such as those from QUANSER ( or Educational Control Products (

NI - Control Design, Simulation and Mechatronics Lab

Signal and Image Processing Lab

National Instruments offers complete platform to build interactive teaching tools to demonstrate signal and image processing concepts. Professors and students can use LabVIEW and its prebuilt function library for signal processing stimulation, interactive digital filter design using the LabVIEW Digital Filter Design Toolkit and hand-on prototyping by programming Digital Siganl Processor(DSP's) using the LabView DSP Module

NI - Signal and Image Processing Lab

RF and Wireless Communication Lab

Teaching and Researching today's complex communications syatems requires a flexible platform that scales the software design to hardware prototyping while integrating with hundreds of instruments. NI communication tools provides support for multiple modulation that are the foundation foor numerous emerging technologies such as WiFi, Zigbee, RFID, HDTV and others

NI - RF and Wireless Communication Lab

Embedded Systems Lab

To empower Engineering students from all disciplines to build embedded systems whether its for next generation solar car or for autonomous vehicle, National Instruments offers now a comprehensive collection of add-on tools that make teaching embedded system using FPGA's and DSP's microprocessor unit (MPU's) or any 32-bit microprocessor easy and affordable

NI - Embedded Systems Lab